Certified Shredding Services

Our business is keeping YOUR business YOUR business.

Records Destruction is the law!  Federal laws such as FACTA and HIPPA are intended to safeguard the privacy and security of consumer information by mandating that records be destroyed properly.  Improper disposal of records containing consumer information can lead to costly fines and lawsuits.

In today's information age, theft, vandalism and industrial espionage are areas of increasing security risk.  There is a significant amount of sensitive information being generated every day by fax machines, high speed copiers and printers.  Because shredding is not always convenient, many of these documents are carelessly discarded.

Providing a secure, convenient shredding container encourages proper care of confidential documents.  Using a secure, bonded and insured records destruction service meets Federal regulations and helps protect your company from these serious problems.

H&R Contractors will meet with you to design a shredding schedule that meets your needs.  We supply free, secure shredding containers to regularly scheduled customers.  These containers are high-density polyethylene rolling carts and security consoles that are compatible with any office.

If you cannot use our regularly scheduled service, we offer an on-call purge service to destroy records that have reached the end of their retention period. For regularly scheduled service or on-call purge service, our uniformed badge-identified employee will pick up and destroy the documents to be shredded and issue a certificate of destruction only when that process has been completed in a secure, confidential manner. 

Great reasons to use H&R Contractors

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H&R Contractors is well established.  We continue to serve many clients who have been with us since the early days of our business.  Listed below are many reasons why you should consider us for your document destruction needs.
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H&R has been providing services to clients throughout Virginia for over 30 years.  We are a locally owned, Virginia corporation that is fully licensed, insured and bonded.  Certificates of insurance are available on request.  

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The National Association for Information Destruction, NAID has awarded us their highest rating. Our organization, employees, procedures and equipment meet their high standards. We are one of only a few certified companies located in the commonwealth. 
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All of our shredding employees have undergone extensive background checks and drug testing. This underscores our promise to you that your sensitive, confidential documents will be handled securely and destroyed properly.  

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Customer service is our number one priority! We are very concerned with quality control and quick problem resolution, and are dedicated to offering confidential, secure service for our client's confidential security needs.  We utilize mobile shred trucks manufactured by Allegheny and Shred-Tech, world leaders.
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All expenses included, our service can be cheaper than shredding in-house.  H&R can destroy tons of documents per hour.  Your employee would have to spend many hours or days to shred the same quantity on a smaller shredder. Our service can be more cost effective for you and will eliminate the exposure of confidential information.  H&R provides high security service at a reasonable cost leaving you with a certificate of destruction and peace of mind.
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To be environmentally responsible, all materials that we shred are recycled.  This reduces the volume of waste going to our landfills and reduce the amount of energy and virgin materials used to manufacture products used in our business.

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