Contract Janitorial Services

Our business is keeping YOUR business looking sharp!

First impressions are important!  Customers form an opinion of your business within seconds after entering.  To help make that good first impression, H&R Contractors has been providing custodial, tile floor care and carpet cleaning, services for businesses in the central Shenandoah Valley for almost thirty-five years.  Other services, such as document shredding, have been added to our list of available services because of requests by customers.

H&R will meet with you, survey your facility and determine your cleaning needs.  We'll give you a free, written proposal which will detail the cleaning services, the frequency of service and the cost.

Services normally consist of, but are not limited to, emptying trash, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, refilling dispensers, and cleaning entrance glass.  However, any specific service can be included or excluded.

We have experience cleaning financial, high-security, medical, food preparation, manufacturing, church, laboratory, administrative, veterinary, retail showroom, repair shop locations, to name a few.

Our Contract Custodial customers also have the opportunity to opt into our Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Service. Our team of hardworking, reliable Maintenance specialists will come by your business once a month to do a walk-thru. While on site we check and address everything from burnt out light bulbs to constantly running toilets and hard to open doors. This extra service gives you the peace of mind that your business is being taken care of, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter.

In addition to contract custodial cleaning, H&R offers a wide variety of services:  Door Mat Service, Vinyl Tile Maintenance, Carpet & Imported Rug Cleaning, Ceramic / Marble / Grout Maintenance, Concrete Grinding & Patching, Concrete Sealing and Finishes, Pet Odor and Stain Removal, Equipment / Supplies Hauling, Window Washing, Facility Repairs / Maintenance, Outside Facility Cleanup, Debris Hauling, Construction Cleanup, Non-Hazardous Spill Cleanup, Fire / Flood / Water Cleanup, High, Overhead Cleaning, Media Blast Paint Removal, Document Shredding, General Contractor Services, Bio-Hazard Cleanup, Move In / Move Out Cleaning.

Why use H&R's cleaning services?

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H&R Contractors is well established.  We continue to serve many clients who have been with us for most of our thirty-five years of business.  Many more clients have been clients for ten years or more.  Listed below are many reasons why we are the best company for your janitorial services.
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We are one of the largest employers in Staunton VA.  Our offices, owners and management are in Staunton.  Our owner is hands-on in the daily activities of the business. We have the expertise, personnel, equipment and supplies to offer big corporate service without the rigidity of a big corporation.
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We utilize employees who have been trained for your specific location.  This training starts in our training room with basic cleaning, safety and biological-hazard training by professionals who have years of experience in their fields.
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Contract cleaning services can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever schedule fits your needs. We are able to provide extra services or temporary services in other areas of Virginia as the need arises and will temporarily alter a schedule as an accommodation. 

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Years in business have given us an understanding of the differing techniques, differing supplies and specialized equipment needed in custodial work in various facilities.  
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We keep a wide variety of modern cleaning equipment and supplies on hand. Many of the supplies and much of the equipment is highly specialized, such as a machine used to do restorative cleaning in ceramic tile restrooms. This enables us to quickly provide whatever services our customers request.
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For your protection we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.  Certificates of insurance or bond will be furnished on request.  All of our employees are thoroughly background checked.  With our client's permission we will gladly furnish a list of references for our services.  We are members of the Cleaning Management Institute and the Building Trades Association.

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